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Our Probate and Administration service includes advice on the legal process by which an estate is transferred after a person’s death

Our Probate and Administration service includes advice on the legal process by which an estate is transferred after a person’s death.

We provide high quality legal advice in each of these areas:


At this sad and stressful time, we understand the necessity to deal sensitively with Legal Personal Representatives and Beneficiaries in the administration of an estate.

Sometimes it is necessary on a death to extract what is known as a Grant of Representation to the deceased’s estate. This is a legal document which issues from the Probate Office and is required to access the deceased person’s money and to effect a transfer of ownership of property.


From the outset we advise on the administration process and the duties and powers of the Legal Personal Representative in this role. We ensure that funeral expenses are paid promptly. We provide a professional service in lodging an Inland Revenue Affidavit, extracting a Grant from the Probate Office, arranging the sale of assets and distributing the net estate to those entitled after payment of any Inheritance Tax.

We act for Executors in extracting a Grant of Probate (where the deceased leaves a Will) and Administrators in extracting a Grant of Letters of Administration Intestate (where the deceased died without making a Will).


We advise family members in relation to:-

  1. Rights under the Succession Act 1965 where there may have been inadequate provision for a family member in the Will of a deceased.
  2. Statutory rights to a share in an estate where no Will exists.
  3. Family disputes regarding inheritances.

Our clients include Beneficiaries who may require:

  1. Advice about contesting a Will or the validity of a Will .
  2. Enquiries into the administration of an estate .
  3. A second opinion on legal issues .
  4. Independent legal advice .
  5. Advice on contentious probate issues where litigation has issued or is threatened and beneficiaries may require representation.
  6. Advice on Inheritance Tax
  7. Advice on the law relating to joint accounts.
  8. Intervention, if required, in order to obtain a release of funds from financial institutions where a grant is not necessary.

We provide independent legal advice concerning a spouse’s legal right share, appropriation of the family home under Section 56 of the Succession Act 1965 and other matters that can arise during the administration of an estate.


We advise lawyers and individuals in other jurisdictions on Irish inheritance tax applicable to assets in Ireland and all aspects of Irish probate practice, including the extraction of an Irish Grant of Representation.


Elaine Baldwin has a wide range of experience in general practice and now provides support and assistance for Emma in the Administration of Estates, Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney and dealing with elderly and vulnerable clients.


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